Triangles, also know as a Triangulated Irregular Network (T.I.N.) in 12d Model, are used to provide a surface with know z values (heights). These triangles can be used by surveyors to setout a design surface like a road or building pad.

Exporting triangles (T.I.N) to the Leica platforms can be done via the .DBX format. This option, within 12d Model, is located under Survey => Leica => 1200 =>Triangles.

The Create Leica 1200 Triangle File panel allows the user to create T.I.N databases for use on the Leica platforms.

The user can fill out the Jobname box, with a desired job name, and press ‘ENTER’. This will automatically copy the job name that was entered into the
LeicaXML file box.

NOTE: Having Create database ticked will also create several Binary Files (DBX files), used by the instrument, from the LeicaXML file that will be created.

The user then needs to specify (by browsing from the yellow folder button next to the Folder for DBXs box, or typing in the location path) the location that the newly created files will be written too.

Finally the user needs to select the T.I.N they wish to export (by using the grey tin button next to the Tin box, or typing in the existing tin name), then press the <Write> button followed by the <Finish> button.

Once the file is written it can be imported into the Leica platform.

For details on this process, visit the Importing a Leica Triangles file from 12d Model to Leica post.